Friday, 28 August 2015

For Immediate Release: News From Dawn

Hello everyone,

I am sure that you will have seen quite a few rumours floating about on the internet regarding when I will be returning to the craft industry and where that return will be... well... I am delighted to say, I can now tell you...

I will be returning to your television screens as a crafter, as a designer and as a presenter. 
From September 14th, you will be able to see me on Sky Channel 261. Freesat 402 and via The Craft Channel website: 
I am also assured that it will also be on Freeview. 
I am thrilled to be joining The Craft Channel as I will be reunited with some very dear friends from TV-land as well as from the craft industry, in what promises to be a very exciting, dynamic and fun new chapter of television crafting.

One of the things I am really looking forward to, is being able to show you the very best in craft - but not just in the products that we will be bringing to you; but also with new, fresh, inspirational demos featuring both the craft professionals you know and those newer faces in the business that are breathing new life into our beloved world of crafting.  I am sure you will enjoy the great balance that The Craft Channel will be bringing to you.  There will of course be the familiar, well loved presenters and demonstrators and they will be side by side with the latest and brightest, newest stars in craft.

Thank you for your continued love and support over what has been an extraordinary period.  I hope that you will now want to accompany with me once again, as I start out on the next adventure.

More details to follow.

Lots of love,

Friday, 6 February 2015

For Immediate Release:

"Dawn Bibby - to step down as a presenter 
for Ideal Shopping" 
announcement made by Ideal World.

Hello everyone,

No doubt  you will have heard the news that I am leaving Create & Craft at the end of this month. 
I just wanted to clarify that I am, for the first time in the entire 20 years plus that I have been in the crafting industry, I am taking a career break.

During this time, I will still be in contact with you all as I will be continuing my official ​social networking sites as well as my blog on Blogger so I am not disappearing completely! LOL!

Thank you so much for your support while I was at Create and Craft and I look forward to continuing to share whatever is around the corner of this incredible crafting journey with you all.

Thank you once again and thank you for traveling on this journey with me.

Lots of love,

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Christmas To You...